On a cold February morning I drove down the motorway from Schloss Röhrsdorf towards Berlin. The vineyards of the Dresden Elbe Valley, covered with light snow-grids, moved quietly past my icy windshield like a scene from a monochrome silent film from the ‘20s. "Over the hills and down the valleys, soaring aloft and far below". A line from the 1973 Roxy Music lesser-known classic "Strictly Confidential" (and magically interpreted by Alwa on her new album) swirled about my brain, cocooning me en route.


I listened to the final mix of the Alwa Glebe album ‘Against the pain’ late at night in the Castle Studios with its legendary analog technology and it sounded like a wonderfully raw, authentic sound diamond, far away from any mainstream production.


In addition to the mysterious dark ‘Strictly Confidential’ from Bryan Ferry's pen, there is a poetically minimalist ‘You Wear It So Well’ from Lou Reed's 'Rock and Roll Heart' '76 album and a lyric setting by Emiliy Dickinson, “I felt a funeral in my brain". In all, there are eight brilliant original compositions by Alwa. Her voice allows for a deeply touching closeness, captivating with extraordinary shades and developing a pull that is hard to resist. When Alwa sings time and space seem to shift.


A masterpiece. Lost in thought, I drove into the gathering day.

(M. Zisar)


Alwa Glebe is an artist who is already established as „dark chanteuse“ with her two highly acclaimed solo albums "Debut" (1999) and "Irrlichter" (2006). Not only the german VOGUE magazine is fascinated by her voice. Also the New York Virus Mag compared her to Marianne Faithfull, Grace Jones and Nico in one breath.  © 2019 Cuptose-Records




Alwa Glebe, born 1960 in Hanover, is involved in the music scene since the late Seventies. In 1979 she formed the German-British New Wave band Index Sign, released two albums, went on tour before she studied philosophy and German literature in Hanover and Berlin. Since the mid-eighthies she spent time to live in San Francisco, Glasgow, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Greiz where she worked on several music and art projects. She is acting as an independent artist.


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"Alwa Glebe possesses the voice of an apparition. The feeling of an abrupt passenger standing still in the opposite direction of traffic during rush hour, simple and confrontational. The only thing that can offer a rivalry for her unique talent is herself."


"As our world grows more chaotic and depraved, the otherworldly voice of Alwa Glebe becomes all the more enchanting." (Michael Wozny, Virus Mag New York)


"Dark are the passions but the cool-clear singing of the Chanteuse Alwa Glebe develops a pull of her very own style" (Bernd Skupin, VOGUE )


"Alwa Glebe has worked consistently against the trend for years. Not because she thinks it's fancy, but because she can not help it." (Ecki Stieg, Grenzwellen Radio Germany)


"Like a dark journey into a morbid-fragil Cabaret" (Kym Gnuch, SONIC SEDUCER)


"It isn't Rock, neither Metal, nor Dark Wave... solely ALWA GLEBE and her music, sculpturing an inward message that transcends over the solitary, unknown and depressing world."

"Another dimension, a peculiar music, a realm of itself...distinctive!" (Doru Atomei, Kogaionon Underground Magazine, Romania)



Contact Alwa Glebe:  management@alwaglebe.de